2011.12.27 09:49

Let there be FUN!

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We are all the fun?

I noticed that there are some students who transferred to other ESL schools. I dont much about the factors why they transfer but im pretty sure that it's not the fee.

When I visited some sites, blogs, and even watched the videos from other schools, I noticed that we were like them before - like a family. They have a bond that makes the school meaningful and the students have a reason to stay despite some problems. 

While I was browsing, I saw a photo album from one of the school. The pictures shows a lot of activities in and outside their school (some were our activities before). The first part is the activities inside the school. They make activities that students want to experience outside! Like students want to go out and have a party with their teachers. Why not do it inside the school? (Well, at least once a week) Students will be safe and wouldnt worry about the curfew.

The other set of pictures are the activities outside the school. They let their students join the local fiestas, competitions (like fun runs), outreach programs and so on. Being a school doesnt mean we must be isolated in the society we are living in. Many might say that these activities are just a waste of time and money for students, but actually its not. These may serve as extra-curricular activities for the students. Some of my students asked me if I could introduce a new Filipino friend to them so that they could not get tired of talking to their teachers only and could apply their knowledge learned. 

We must remember that learning is not only about studying. It must have an application. 

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