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1. EDT offers customized one-on-one educational services. The education should reflect the unique request from learners. Learners can call for adjustment of curriculum and instructors when necessary.

2. Those who are admitted can discuss the purpose of participation, room and board, insurance, and purchase of airfare, etc. with admission officers prior to an educational training (

3. Only English is allowed in all faculties including dormitories, lecture halls, aisles, external rest areas, etc. However, the rule does not apply in a consulting room.

4. Learners should respect cultures and life style of others and avoid topics that encourage arguments about religion, politics, and historical affairs.

4-1. Abstain from cutting in while another student speaks and overly arguing only his/her own opinion in class.

4-2. Avoid interrupting sleeping roommates in a dormitory and taking other’s possessions without permission.

4-3. Abstain from moving in on other students’ room after 9 pm. Male students cannot enter female students’ rooms at any time and vice versa.

5. EDT guarantees you to have 20-day classes per month (i.e. from the first day to the last day of the month). In the event of unfulfilled classes, we make it a rule to supplement them.

6. The level is decided depending on assignment and attendance as well as tests.

6-1. Feedback is given on changes in instructors, subjects, and textbooks after tests. Awards such as scholarships are available only for those who have been promoted.

6-2. Special tutorial is applicable to those who have failed to advance to the next level within a certain period.

7. EDT has a special tutorial program as an educational support. Those who are failing should participate in night classes led by an instructor on duty for 2 weeks and an extension will be determined depending on the participant’s educational attitude. Students are not allowed to go out during the program.

Those who fall under this category are.

7-1. falling much behind a previous month

7-2. failing to advance to the next level in spite of 2 progress tests

7-3. committing unqualified class behaviors (e.g. frequent absenteeism and non-submission of assignment)

8. The certificate of completion will be issued only when all the tests given are done and the attendance is over 90%. Those who get three warnings or alerts are disqualified for the certificate.

9. Apart from regular classes, we offer special and optional lectures. The format of optional lectures is subject to the program: one-on-one or group classes.

10. Check bulletin boards frequently for special notices and changes to avoid inconvenience.

11. Adjustment of instructors and curriculum is made on Thursday/Friday at 10 am. If the adjustment would not promptly occur, you can be on a waiting list (Up to 3 teachers). The management will inform learners of his/her instructor’s lecture format and his/her evaluation.

12. We offer individual speech rooms for speech and reading training. It will be open from 6 pm to 1 am.

13. Use good manners and proper etiquette by using a proper reference such as “teacher” or “Sir” and carry out instructions in class. The recommendations are:

13-1. wearing appropriate dress code

13-2. being cautious about your foul breath

13-3. turning off cellular phone in class

14. Game and chatting are not allowed in the use of public computers, and movie/drama download is prohibited in your dormitory as well.

15. Notify the management of your medical condition including your food allergy, skin disease, or hepatitis and get a proper treatment.

16. We are not responsible for any accident during your personal travel and leisure. Immediately notify the staff if you find any problems in and around the school and dormitory. Fights, swimming, and driving subsequent to drinking have mainly caused overseas accidents.

17. The use of a swimming pool is available from 10 am to 7 pm. Those who are under 15 years old must wear a life jacket, and you cannot swim shortly after drinking and having a meal.

18. CCTV surveillance is on within a dormitory. As prevention can lead to the protection of a theft, be sure to close your room. Luxurious items and cash are your responsibility and you can deposit them in the security box located in the administration office.

19. We offer meals three times a day that are subject to the ratio of learner by country. Breakfast is served from 7:30 am to 8:30 am, lunch is from 11:50 am to 12:50 pm, and dinner is from 5:50 pm to 6:50 pm.

20. Use dormitory facilities carefully and inform the staff when you find any damages or vandalism and we prohibit learners from nailing, taping, and using adhesive materials (e.g. glue/bond) on walls. For parents who accompany their children, please instruct your children not to scribble on walls.

21. You may use designated smoking areas when smoking. We strictly prohibit smoking in dormitories and violators will be charged $100.

22. We provide Laundry service 2 times a week with a maximum capacity of 12kg per 4 weeks (luxury dresses and clothes, shoes, bags, and silk hats are not included). We have a separate laundry room for underwear.

23. Change in bed sheets and blankets as well as room cleaning are done in accordance with a schedule. You can apply for it at the schedule sheet posted.

24. Those who reside in a dormitory should pay their electric bills separately. We will charge you 12 Peso per Watt in a pay-as-you-go system. Avoid using unnecessary electricity and turn off the air condition when going out.

25. We operate a daily shuttle bus running to shopping malls, post office, banks, and golf courses. This service is free and it includes pickup and sending.

26. Inform Inconvenience and suggestions to our staff. Unless they are resolved within 24 hours, you may contact with the school director. You may notify us of your inconvenience during weekdays (Monday through Friday).

27. You might get alerts and warnings when committing behaviors that do harm to others. You might be given alerts 4 times and ‘drop-out.’ This is due to:

27-1. Absence without prior notice (two times a week)

27-2. inappropriate class attitude such as frequent lateness and negligence on instructions from instructors

27-3. not taking a test

27-4. Violation of curfew: 11 pm from Monday to Thursday / 1 am from Friday to Saturday and prior day to a holiday

27-5. sleeping outside of your dormitory without any prior permission

27-6. Interrupting other’s study

27-7. Smoking in a dormitory and bringing beverage into it

27-8. non-fulfillment of the valid instruction from the management

28. Two times a week of absenteeism without any prior permission lead to your termination of the corresponding class. In that case, you should re-enroll. This treatment will protect the other learners from losing educational opportunities. Those who plan to be absent from class should notify the management in advance.

29. When you come to sleep outside for traveling and personal reasons, you should submit a statement of your plan to sleep out. It will be allowed only on Friday, Saturday, and a prior day to holiday.

30. The behavior of doing serious harm to the learning environment as a whole compulsorily expels you from this institution. The behaviors below are included, and the remaining tuition would not be returned.

30-1. the 4th alert or warnings

30-2. disturbance or violence after drinking

30-3. vandalizing any posted official document

30-4. indecency in a dormitory

30-5. Violation of the Philippines laws such as a theft, drug transaction, prostitution (Unconditionally expelled for any activities relevant to drugs)

30-6. dissemination of slander or false content on the web

31. You need to apply to extend a program 6 weeks before an expected termination, and insurance as well. Those who have already got 4 warnings or alerts are not allowed to extend any more.

32. The send-off to Manila international airport costs 2,500 Pesos on a vehicle basis. For a group use, you can divide the payment with others. The send-off to either Clark airport or Dow express bus terminal for Manila costs 200 Pesos.

33. The cancellation and refund rule of this center is applicable to the cancellation during a program. For the application for cancellation within 10 days after a training starts (the date you arrive at this center), you will get a refund after the deduction of a week of total training costs.

# Refund is not made on being compulsorily expelled.

34. Those who have recommendation from alumni and current students of this center are given 6% discount of total training costs. Current student who want re-enrollment are given 8% discount.

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