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Welcome to EDT!

The Philippines has become famous for its English education. First EDT learning center which is located in Subic bay, the Philippines has been providing qualified English education services to students from all over the world.

Why one-on-one?

Those who have experienced customized one-on-one classes are much less patient with a
group class of more than 10 students. A group class can allocate just 5 minutes to each
student; meanwhile a one-on-one class provides only one instructor for a student, making it
possible to have a customized class. In addition, a learner may select any instructor who
fits his/her learning style and he/she may experience various kinds of teaching.

Statistically, a one-on-one class significantly increases the English ability of learners.
They may reach the intermediate advanced level for learners and are at ease talking to native
speakers within 14-16 weeks. In particular, a beginner in a one-on-one class turned out to
be 2 or 3 times more effective at improving English ability than ones in a group class. This
outcome facilitates a one-on-one class to position as an international product across Japan,
China, Taiwan,Korea and Russia.

Effectiveness of Native Speakers

Native speaking instructors in learning English – the importance of the role of Native
is evident. Although a non-native English instructor may be excellent at the
precision of grammar, teaching experience and know-how, they may not be sufficient to
those who want intermediary or above levels of English. It might be a similar case where a
Japanese instructor who has an excellent understanding of the Chinese language teaches
Chinese but cannot provide lessons in an advanced level.

Learners will receive in-depth teaching through native speakers covering pronunciation,
practical expressions and nuisances, and various areas of English.

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